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Contractor vs Freelancer: What’s The Difference?

Contractor vs Freelancer: What’s The Difference?

Contents:  What is the difference between a freelancer and a contractor? The 4 key differences between freelancers and contractors There was a time when companies saw temps and contractors as a backup plan; to cover for full-time employees on leave or to tide through periods of extra work....

Freelancer Management: Expectations vs Reality

Freelancer Management — Expectations vs. Reality

A great freelancer is a great find. However, mismatched expectations can quickly ruin what would otherwise have been a great relationship! So how do you avoid this? Read on to see some of the most common gaps between client expectations and the reality of managing freelancers. 1. “Briefing? What...

How To Write a Clear & Effective Project Brief

How To Write A Clear & Effective Project Brief

As a project manager, you may be well-versed with managing a team you work with in close proximity. But working with a remote team of freelancers is a different ballgame. Getting the best out of a remote team requires a very particular set of skills — one of which is the ability to write clear and...

Supporting businesses through COVID-19 is committed to helping businesses through the COVID-19 crisis. 

IR35 Survey: 5 Things We Learnt From Freelancers & Business Owners

With April and IR35 now drawing closer, we are fast approaching a deadline that’s been at the centre of much controversy ever since it was announced.First introduced in 2000, IR35 was originally meant to crack down on those skirting around taxes and NIC payments through disguised employment....

The Freelance Phenomenon: Changing Policies Of A New Workplace

The fourth industrial revolution is here - and thanks to technological advances, we have seen a rapid evolution in the way companies work. The nature of business is constantly changing, and subsequently, the employment landscape has become much more dynamic than it used to be.

The Perfect Business Toolkit To Scale and Grow

When you’re just starting a new business, your biggest challenge is to get your company off the ground and running. Once you are past that phase however, you may notice that your priorities are changing — and fast. By now, you have established your firm as a strong new player in the industry,...

Adopting a Freelancer Management System is easier than you think

With almost 5 million self-employed people in the UK, 64% of British businesses admit to relying on freelancers1. Despite this, many companies still do not have a comprehensive strategy to manage and organise their contingent workers. 

Is IR35 the new ‘red flag law’?

If you lived in the UK in the mid-19th century, and wanted to go for a drive in your brand new horseless carriage, you had to follow some bizarre rules. You could only drive at a speed of 2 miles an hour. You also had to get somebody to walk in front of the carriage waving a red flag.