Category: "Payments"

    • Who can approve worksheets?

      Any manager that is involved in a project can approve a worksheet.

    • Who has access to the invoices?

      TalentDesk.io will ask you to assign a Financial Controller within your organisation. This person, as well as your finance ...

    • Can the invoices be forwarded to the finance department?

      Even easier than that, you can add the finance department's email address in the system and they will receive them directly. No need ...

    • When do freelancers get paid?

      Unless you qualify for payment credit, freelancers are paid after we receive payment from you. We issue our invoices on the 15th and ...

    • Can payments be made more frequently that bi-weekly?

      Currently this is not a standard option. Should this be a business imperative we could discuss the issue further.

    • When are the payment details agreed?

      Whenever a freelancer is onboarded you will have to ask them for their rate. Both parties can request an amendment to the rate after that.

      NOTE: if you change your rate this will not ...

    • Where does a freelancer raise their Worksheets?

      There are two places where a worksheet can be raised:

      1) In the project itself

      2) In the payments section

      All ...