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Stefani Thrasyvoulou
Stefani is part of the Marketing team at When she's not working or listening to music, she loves reading and writing about any topic under the sun.

Is there Life on Mars?

Future of Work Survey 2020 | Is there Life on Mars?

Welcome to the year 2050. You’ve woken up, hand-picked your fresh strawberries from your garden for breakfast, and you’re now logging in to Zoom for your 9am daily meeting. Did we say Zoom? We meant VRoom (your Virtual Reality chat room and future workplace that has effectively replicated all the...

9 Daily Habits & Phrases We Can Thank 2020 For

9 Daily Habits & Phrases We Can "Thank" 2020 For

We are without a doubt facing “unprecedented times”. The “global pandemic” has shaken the entire world to its very core and has resulted in a huge shift in the way we all live and work. Whilst we can only hope that we can look back one day soon  and think of our “quarantine-life” as a thing of the...

Plus Works: Our way of redefining recruitment

Plus Works: Our way of redefining recruitment

When you think of starting a new recruitment search, what’s the first word that comes to mind? Long-drawn? Exhausting? A painful necessity? We’re going to go ahead and guess that ‘fun’ was not one of the words you just thought of.

12 Tools for Virtual Collaboration (Clone GB)

The concept of virtual or remote work hardly needs an introduction anymore. Millions of businesses across the globe have had to shift their working practises to remote mode overnight, and as a consequence, most businesses have had to completely rethink their methods in order to be able to continue...