• How do I access the onboarding information?

      All of the onboarding forms are saved against the freelancer name. If you search for them in your People directory you can view their onboarding submission at any point.

    • Can I let freelancer candidates apply to my organisation via TalentDesk.io?

      Absolutely, what you can do is create an onboarding form which will capture all the info you need about the freelancer in question, to decide whether or not to accept them. Then, you can ...

    • Do I have to use the Freelancers you Provide?

      No, in fact, most of our clients already have black lists of freelancers they have worked with for years, we allow them to organise them into one dashboard. However, who doesn't want free, instant ...

    • Should I add a contract/NDA to my onboarding form?

      Depending on the type of work your freelancers will be doing it is always safest to have a contract and/or NDA. 

    • Can I add links to our Terms and Conditions?

      Yes, you can add external links to your onboarding form.

    • I am a freelancer but have set up my own limited company, will this be an issue?

      Absolutely not, you will have the option within your finance settings to add your company details, so that you can reconcile the invoices you raise.

    • What basic information do all freelancers need to submit?

      At a very minimum freelancers have to enter their Name, Surname, Job Title, Address, Currency they wish to be paid in, Billing details, Rate and Skills. Oh, and remember freelancers are real ...

    • Who decides what skills the freelancers have?

      It is the responsibility of the freelancer to add as many skills as they think they can deliver on. They can do so in their profile section. They can add subject specialism and other ...

    • Can I add full time employees to TalentDesk.io?

      Both Managers and Providers can be full time employees or contractors. The only difference is we do not pay full time employees for you.

    • What's the difference between a Manager and a Provider?

      A Manager can create projects, staff them, raise and approve Purchase Orders and approve Worksheets. A provider can only raise Worksheets.