Draft Invoices


Whether you do contracted work as a provider (contractor) or manager you will be able to use the draft invoice feature in order to get paid. To create a draft invoice, you will need to go to Finances>Draft Invoices>Raise draft invoice (top right)

On the draft invoice page, you will find it looks similar to the regular worksheet page where you can enter a date range for work done, description, rates and quantity. However, there are few differences in the page sections:

  • Invoice Number - here you can add a custom invoice number by checking the box, otherwise the numbering convention will follow your invoice settings.
  • Custom Invoice - located at the bottom of the page this allows for uploading your own invoice from your computer in pdf format. Please be reminded that the invoice number of this pdf upload has to match that of the draft invoice.

Finally select the 'create draft invoice' button in the bottom right-hand corner. You can now view your newly created draft invoice in the draft invoice section list. All that is left now is for manager review and - if approved - your request for payment will be included in the organization's next billing cycle.

Note 1 : If you happen to create a draft invoice with the same invoice number as a generated invoice then you will receive a notification of this. This will however not prevent you from raising it.

Note 2:  If the draft invoice was created without a custom invoice number and has not yet been invoiced, “Invoice No” will display a dash.

If it was created without a custom invoice number and has been invoiced, “Invoice No” will display the relevant invoice’s number.

If it was created with a custom invoice number, “Invoice No” will display that value.


After draft invoice creation, changes can be made by going to the draft invoices page and selecting the three-dot menu dropdown to the right of the page and selecting 'edit draft invoice'. After editing select the 'update draft invoice' button in the bottom left-hand corner of the page.

Draft Invoice Dates

If your organization has enabled the functionality of Draft Invoices for future date ranges, you will be able to raise a draft invoice for future work. If this is not enabled, you will only be able to select a period from your date of joining the platform, to the day you are trying to raise the draft invoice on. 

In either case, your draft invoice, once approved, will be included in the organization's next billing cycle. 


Higher Managers (Org Owners and Financial Controllers) will have access to draft invoices for review & approval. Other managers have access to worksheets & expenses that are created by providers on the projects that they manage, but with no projects, there is no way to link a provider with a manager in order to expose the raised draft invoices and expenses.

This means that currently, Org Owners and Financial Controllers are not able to raise Draft Invoices for their own work.