Adding sales tax

This section can be found in Settings > Payments. 

According to your organisation, this setting may be disabled. However if it is enabled, you will need to set a percentage of sales tax to be added to your invoices. The percentage depends on the country your organization operates in, the country you are located in, whether you are a company registered to collect sales tax and the type of services you provide. An example of a case where your sales tax would be 0% would be if you are an individual that is not registered to collect sales tax.

In the case where acts as a payment intermediary and your invoices are addressed to, you are not eligible to add Sales Tax, unless you are registered for VAT in the UK; in which case 20% will be added to your invoices. 

Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure that the correct sales tax amount is added to your invoices.

Note on Tax Forms
: TalentDesk is able to file w9 and 1099 tax forms on behalf of clients if they have that option enabled. Please reach out to your client manager to verify if they have this setup with us and to answer any additional questions you may have regarding your tax forms.