How to raise a worksheet?

You can use a variety of rates to raise a worksheet, for example per word/hour/page/day, and you can raise worksheets every day if appropriate.

Raising a worksheet: Projects > My projects > select the project > raise worksheet (top right)

0 populated worksheet


This page is where you will enter all the details of the work you have done. Select the calendar near the two dates in the top left to enter the period you worked on. Once done select “add task or project work” in the center of the page. Finally select raise worksheet in the bottom right hand corner.



On this page, finish entering details of your work like your rate, quantity, summary of your work and upload deliverables if needed. Note: The qty box means quantity. For example, if your rate is $100 per hour and you worked 20 hours then 20 would go in the qty box.




When you are satisfied all information is correct then select raise worksheet in the bottom right hand corner. You will be brought to the worksheets page of the project which will see the worksheet you just raised along with its status. (See 4. Finances to learn more about statuses and what they mean)



Note: For fixed-rate projects, you will only be able to raise a worksheet once the task is completed.

If you need to edit your worksheet and it has not yet been approved by your manager, navigate to the payment section, and then worksheets. You can then click on the three dots to the top right-hand corner of the relevant worksheet and edit your worksheet. 

Edit a worksheet: Payments > Worksheets > Edit worksheet