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Our mission: to be the best operating system for all things freelancer

From customized freelancer onboarding and compliance taken care of, to automated global payments and streamlined workflow management, our purpose is to give our clients the freedom to focus on what they do best, to reach their highest heights, with the best flexible talent, wherever they find it. 


Our founding story

Since 2007 our founding team has been obsessing about how to enable companies to work better with freelancers. After founding one of the first  marketplaces for freelancers, in 2007, we’ve built a SaaS platform that allows companies, small to large, to onboard and manage all their freelancer workforce in one place, with more visibility and controls to keep on top of their game and easier, faster and cheaper freelancer payments. 

Our vision

We believe that in the (not so distant) future, most businesses will run with a majority freelance workforce. They’ll be more flexible, nimble, more efficient, more distributed and diverse, and will hire freelance-first. In order to do this they’ll need world class technology coupled with a caring human touch to put it all together in a way that  scales effortlessly and efficiently. 

Our goal is to be that company that brings our vision to every company in the world.

Our credo:
"small" enough to care 
big enough to deliver

We promise to remain true to the ethos that allowed us to gain and retain the trust of our first customers, which is ‘small enough to care, big enough to deliver’ ..  retaining that true  focus on customer centricity no matter how large or successful we get. We promise to never become one of those big companies that become too arrogant to care or listen to their customers.

Our values... meet “ERIC”

  • Ethics

    We live by the old saying: if you lose a bit of money that’s all you've lost; if you lose your integrity you've lost everything.

  • Resilience

    We believe that no company can withstand the test of time or is built for the long term without mastering resilience, no matter how mighty and strong they are today.

  • Innovation

    It's about finding new and better ways to serve our customers, whether via the launch of new platform features, new products altogether or just better service.

  • Customer success

    Everything we do culminates in helping our customers. By sticking to our values and mission of staying small as we scale, we fulfill our purpose of making our customers more successful.

By the numbers

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Our global team

  • Nitesh

    Customer Support/Service Rep, India TalentDesk
    Based out of India and with a little over 7 years of professional experience, likes long walks, bike rides, and big movies and anime fan. Has a deep love for nature and mountains, likes to travel.
  • Scott

    Platform Team Lead, Scotland TalentDesk

    A film buff and loves a pint in a dive bar

  • Anu

    Customer Support/Service Rep, India TalentDesk

    A vivid learner, Cardmaker, Artist and Calligrapher who loves to craft alphabets and colour palettes. I can sit all day making beautiful handmade cards.

  • Paddington

    Chief Cuddler , United Kingdom TalentDesk
    Based in our co-working space in London (but working from home on Fridays!), Paddington loves naps, rolling in the grass, and the smell of barbeque.
  • Panos

    Technical Architect, Greece TalentDesk

    I have worked in a range of positions, from researcher for academic institutions to full stack engineer for small startups, from contractor for the public sector, to freelancer for international companies.

  • Ella

    Junior Payments Specialist, United Kingdom TalentDesk

    Hey, my name is Ella. Payments has always been something that is of interest to me, as there is always something to be doing and no day is the same. I left sixth form and went straight into the industry and have been doing payments for just over 3 and half years. In my spare time, I love to educate myself through reading and I also enjoy going to the gym and socialising.

  • William

    Senior Full Stack Engineer, United Kingdom TalentDesk
    When I'm not working, I'm probably writing code for something, most likely a game.  I'm a big film fan and have an interest in Japanese culture and language.
  • Olivia

    Junior Payments Specialist, United Kingdom TalentDesk
    I love starting my weekday with a 4am workout, then relaxing with a hot chocolate and a good book before work. Outside of work, I’m an avid sneaker collector. I also like graphic design, learning languages, travelling and bad jokes.
  • Emma

    Marketing Executive, Scotland TalentDesk

    When I’m not producing marketing content, I’m usually pursuing other creative hobbies. You’ll often find me at events doing photography, going to the cinema or enjoying live music.

  • Stefani

    VP Marketing, United Kingdom TalentDesk

    I love all things creative but I'm what you would call a right-side / left-side of the brain hybrid, which is why I love Marketing. I enjoy long walks, especially in London parks during Autumn season, and outside of work hours you can usually find me at live music gigs. 

  • Tzanis

    Senior Full Stack Engineer, Greece TalentDesk

    A senior web developer with over 13 years experience, Tzanis is a problem solver able to delve into complex programming tasks with ease. Tzanis works closely with our creative team to develop beautiful and clean UI and is a talented and experienced javascript engineer.

  • George

    Full-stack Web developer, Greece TalentDesk

    If I am not wondering about the mysteries of the code, 
    I am wandering to discover our world

  • Xenios

    Founder & CEO, United Kingdom TalentDesk

    One of the early pioneers of the freelance economy, founding in 2007, which became one of the largest freelance marketplaces in Europe. On the rare occasion that Xenios is not hosting a BBQ for friends, or cooking, he spends his time indulging in his other passions which include painting, wine tasting, martial arts, or just unwinding in the countryside.

  • Aigars

    UX/UI Designer, Latvia TalentDesk
    Design ninja who crafts beautiful and usable designs that make people lives better.
  • Jordan

    CTO, Spain TalentDesk

    Jordan bas been working in tech development since the late 1990s and has been leading remote teams for the past 8 years. Australian by origin, but based in Europe since 2000 (12 years London, 10 years Barcelona), Jordan is now heading up our engineering team from Spain. Loves cycling, cooking, investing, entrepreneurship and travel.

  • Sadaf

    Quality Assurance Engineer, United Kingdom TalentDesk

    I am very much passionate about concept of working without borders. On my free time I play lots of sports like Tennis, skiing, and I enjoy traveling and spending time with family.

  • Abdi

    Payments Manager, United Kingdom TalentDesk

    Love all things Payments, trying out new cuisines and experiencing immersive and eclectic artistry and music. 

  • João

    Full Stack Engineer, Portugal TalentDesk
    An avid techie, thriving amidst computers, coding, and the digital world. A passionate driver, embracing the open road and a person with strong affinity for the gym.
  • Connor

    Customer Success Manager, Ireland TalentDesk

    An experienced Customer Success Manager who enjoys music festivals, traveling, bad reality TV,  and extolling the virtues of being Irish to anyone who will listen!

  • Claire

    Customer Success Manager, United States TalentDesk
    When I’m not working, I prefer to spend my free time outdoors whether that’s going for a hike in the mountains, tending to my vegetable garden, or biking around the city in search of the next best cup of coffee.

Leadership team

Xenios Thrasyvoulou

Founder & CEO

After over a decade serving the freelance space having founded in 2007, Xenios spotted a common problem: virtually every company, from small to large, faces a growing pain of managing and paying teams of distributed contractors in a faster, cheaper and better way. was born to solve that problem.
Location: uk

Jordan Hammond


Jordan has been working in tech development since the late 1990s and has been leading remote teams for the past 8 years. Australian by origin, but based in Europe since 2000 (12 years London, 10 years Barcelona), Jordan is now heading up our engineering team from Spain.
Location: es

Stefani Thrasyvoulou

VP of Marketing

Stefani brings 10+ years of experience working in London across various aspects of digital marketing, including content marketing, brand marketing and online advertising. From tech start-ups to large media organizations such as BSkyB, Stefani heads up’s marketing from London.

Investor advisory board

Gavin Patterson


Gavin Patterson is the President and Chief Revenue Officer of Salesforce. He has served as Chief Executive of the FTSE30 company BT Group from 2013-19. He led the $19.7 billion BT acquisition of EE, launched BT Sport, expanded BT’s cybersecurity practice, and championed BT’s social purpose agenda.


Isaac Oates

Investor & Advisor

Isaac Oates founded Justworks in 2013 and served as CEO until 2022. He began his professional career as a software engineer for Amazon, eventually leaving to build his first startup Adtuitive, which was acquired by Etsy in 2009. He holds an MBA from Cornell University.

Josh March

Investor & Advisor

Josh March is an experienced SaaS entrepreneur who previously founded Conversocial and grew it to $15m ARR, eventually selling the business for $50m. He has been an active advisor for TalentDesk since early 2020.


Sami McCabe

Investor & Advisor

Sami is the Founder and CEO of Clarity PR one of the world's fastest-growing communications agencies, as well as an active angel investor in numerous early-stage technology companies in the UK and US - particularly in the Bay Area where he's based.


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