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We are a bunch of quirky, diverse and passionate individuals working remotely across 10+ countries, obsessed with changing the world of work.

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    Full Stack Developer Scotland TalentDesk

    A film buff and loves a pint in a dive bar

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    VP Sales & Customer Success United Kingdom TalentDesk
    A senior sales leader with over 15 years of experience, Alex is passionate about building, coaching and leading sales teams to the best of their ability. In his spare time he enjoys reading, walking and keeping fit.
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    Web developer United Kingdom TalentDesk

    Hi, I’m Graham, I’m an advocate of Web Standards and I create semantic, accessible web sites. When I’m not making things more simple and consistent in the virtual world, I like to make things in the physical world.

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    Junior Payments Specialist United Kingdom TalentDesk

    Hey, my name is Ella. Payments has always been something that is of interest to me, as there is always something to be doing and no day is the same. I left sixth form and went straight into the industry and have been doing payments for just over 3 and half years. In my spare time, I love to educate myself through reading and I also enjoy going to the gym and socialising.

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    Account Executive Spain TalentDesk
    Hello everyone! My name is Jessica Kelly. I am from Houston, Texas and moved to Madrid, Spain in August of last year. As soon as I graduated from University in 2014, with a Bachelors in International Business and a Bachelors in Spanish, I began working in sales. I took a two year break from sales, while I taught English in Spain and Vietnam. I love traveling, but more so, really immersing myself in other cultures. After those two years, I began selling health insurance and HR PEO plans, before moving back to Spain, where I worked in the sales of SaaS for a bit. I am excited to get to work with everyone and continue learning and growing at TalentDesk 
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    Marketing Specialist United Kingdom TalentDesk

    I am a graduate student currently living in London. I like to read fiction and travel to different destinations around the world.

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    Sales Development Representative United Kingdom TalentDesk
    I was born in Vilnius (capital of Lithuania). Been living in UK for almost 7 years. Graduated with a BA in Marketing Management and Masters in Project Management. Huge fan of boxing and martial arts. My ideal day would start with a morning meditation session that focuses on clearing my mind and being grateful for the things I have. Followed by an audiobook on the way to the gym and sauna. After that, I give my 110% to work and reward myself with a cheeky burrito afterward. Favorite quote: “Judge a man by his question rather than his answer” - Voltaire.
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    Customer Success Manager United Kingdom TalentDesk

    Customer Success has always been a focus of mine because of the great relationships you get to build with your clients. Getting to know their goals and helping achieve them, working on pain points and growing together, what more could you ask for? Every day is unique as you never know what's coming your way! Outside of work I'm rugby crazy, playing every weekend and then straight to the pub after to watch it, the perfect Saturday.

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    We’re a rapidly growing team, distributed across the world. Wherever you live, if you share our passion and mindset, we’d love to hear from you. View job openings
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    Product Designer Latvia TalentDesk
    Design ninja who crafts beautiful and usable designs that make people lives better.
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    Support Professional United States TalentDesk

    Seasoned support professional with 5 years of experience. Loves challenges, helping people solve problems and making an impact wherever he goes. His favourite things are tech, travelling, music and food.

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    Customer Success Manager Ireland TalentDesk

    An experienced Customer Success Manager who enjoys music festivals, traveling, bad reality TV,  and extolling the virtues of being Irish to anyone who will listen!

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    Product Quality Assurance Manager United Kingdom TalentDesk

    I am very much passionate about concept of working without borders. On my free time I play lots of sports like Tennis, skiing, and I enjoy traveling and spending time with family.

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    Sales Development Representative Ukraine TalentDesk
    I am from Ukraine, I’ve being in sales for the past 5 years. I am super excited about new challenges as it helps make me a better person. In my free time I like to do sports, hiking or spending some quality time with my family.
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    Sales Development Representative United Kingdom TalentDesk
    Hi My name is Josh. I grew up in London and have been in sales for the last 4 years. I love being able to talk to a wide range of people and have the rush of closing deals. When I am not in the office you can find me in the gym or playing football with friends.
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    Full Stack Developer Spain TalentDesk
    Originally from India but moved to Barcelona in 2010. I recently graduated with a BSc in Aerospace Engineering and a BSc in Computer Network Engineering from Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTech. In my time off work, I love playing football, spending time with family & friends and listening to podcasts.
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    QA engineer Turkey TalentDesk
    Noor is a QA engineer who graduated with a computer science degree from the UK. He currently lives in Istanbul, in Turkey. Outside work, Noor likes to spend some time working out at the gym, spending time with his family, and reading books.
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    Sales Development Representative United Kingdom TalentDesk
    Hello Everyone I’m Scott, I grew up in Norfolk and went to Manchester Metropolitan University to Study combined Honours History and Film. I have worked as a Recruitment Consultant for the passed 6 years but decided I wanted to make the change into software Sales. In my spare time I love Music Festivals and gigs, I travle as much as I can, and I’m not bad in the kitchen.
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    Founder & CEO United Kingdom TalentDesk

    One of the early pioneers of the freelance economy, founding in 2007, which became one of the largest freelance marketplaces in Europe. On the rare occasion that Xenios is not hosting a BBQ for friends, or cooking, he spends his time indulging in his other passions which include painting, wine tasting, martial arts, or just unwinding in the countryside.

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    Payments Manager United Kingdom TalentDesk

    Love all things Payments, trying out new cuisines and experiencing immersive and eclectic artistry and music. 

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    Software Engineer Iran TalentDesk
    I’m a software engineer From Iran with a passion for Javascript that can have fun while solving problems with code.
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    Full Stack Developer Greece TalentDesk

    A senior web developer with over 13 years experience, Tzanis is a problem solver able to delve into complex programming tasks with ease. Tzanis works closely with our creative team to develop beautiful and clean UI and is a talented and experienced javascript engineer.

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    Full-stack Web developer Greece TalentDesk

    If I am not wondering about the mysteries of the code, 
    I am wandering to discover our world

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    VP of Engineering Spain TalentDesk

    Jordan bas been working in tech development since the late 1990s and has been leading remote teams for the past 8 years. Australian by origin, but based in Europe since 2000 (12 years London, 10 years Barcelona), Jordan is now heading up our engineering team from Spain. Loves cycling, cooking, investing, entrepreneurship and travel.

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    Marketing Director United Kingdom TalentDesk

    Loves all things creative. Enjoys long walks, live music and good coffee.

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    Junior Payments Specialist United Kingdom TalentDesk
    I love starting my weekday with a 4am workout, then relaxing with a hot chocolate and a good book before work. Outside of work, I’m an avid sneaker collector. I also like graphic design, learning languages, travelling and bad jokes.
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    Growth Expert United Kingdom TalentDesk

    Have done sales for almost 4 years now and it never gets boring. I love the fact that I talk to people from all around the world on a daily basis. Outside of this, you can find me skateboarding, consuming ounces of frozen yoghurt, or cycling around London on a Santander bike.

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    Customer Success Representative India TalentDesk

    A vivid learner, Cardmaker, Artist and Calligrapher who loves to craft alphabets and colour palettes. I can sit all day making beautiful handmade cards.

Leadership team

  • Xenios Thrasyvoulou's photo

    Xenios Thrasyvoulou

    Founder & CEO

    After over a decade serving the freelance space having founded in 2007, Xenios spotted a common problem: virtually every company, from small to large, faces a growing pain of managing and paying teams of distributed contractors in a faster, cheaper and better way. was born to solve that problem.
    Location: uk
  • Jordan Hamilton's photo

    Jordan Hamilton


    Jordan has been working in tech development since the late 1990s and has been leading remote teams for the past 8 years. Australian by origin, but based in Europe since 2000 (12 years London, 10 years Barcelona), Jordan is now heading up our engineering team from Spain.
    Location: es
  • Alex Bradley's photo

    Alex Bradley

    VP of Sales & CS

    An experienced Head of Sales with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry, Alex has recently joined to lead TalentDesk’s Sales & Customer Success division. Alex holds a Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a focus on Business Strategy from Henley Business School.
    Location: uk
  • Stefani Thrasyvoulou's photo

    Stefani Thrasyvoulou

    VP of Marketing

    Stefani brings 10+ years of experience working in London across various aspects of digital marketing, including content marketing, brand marketing and online advertising. From tech start-ups to large media organizations such as BSkyB, Stefani heads up’s marketing from London.
    Location: uk
  • Ellis Ezekiel's photo

    Ellis Ezekiel

    Head Counsel

    Ellis is a UK qualified solicitor and has over 25 years legal experience in commercial law. He was a partner in Pennington Manches, a top UK 50 law firm and was general counsel to the French Bollore Group’s UK subsidiary, a start-up dealing with the introduction of electric car-sharing to the UK. Ellis has more recently been involved as lawyer at CDP Worldwide.
    Location: uk

Investor & advisory board

  • Gavin Patterson's photo

    Gavin Patterson


    Gavin Patterson is the President and Chief Revenue Officer of Salesforce. He has served as Chief Executive of the FTSE30 company BT Group from 2013-19. He led the $19.7 billion BT acquisition of EE, launched BT Sport, expanded BT’s cybersecurity practice, and championed BT’s social purpose agenda.

    Location: uk
  • Sami McCabe's photo

    Sami McCabe

    Investor & Advisor

    Sami is the Founder and CEO of Clarity PR one of the world's fastest-growing communications agencies, as well as an active angel investor in numerous early-stage technology companies in the UK and US - particularly in the Bay Area where he's based.

    Location: us
  • Josh March's photo

    Josh March

    Investor & Advisor

    Josh March is an experienced SaaS entrepreneur who previously founded Conversocial and grew it to $15m ARR, eventually selling the business for $50m. He has been an active advisor for TalentDesk since early 2020.

    Location: us


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This is TalentDesk

We envision a world with no boundaries for talent. A world in which people have the freedom to choose where they work from and how. We believe happier people produce better work, and we wake up every day with a common goal of empowering businesses to transform their workforce into a global and flexible one.

Our values - meet "ERIC"

As a growing business serving a grande purpose, our values are our guiding compass whenever there isn’t a clear map to the destination.

  • Ethics

    We’ll always act with integrity, and do what’s ethical. Trust is testament to any successful partnership, and so we will always be open and transparent about any changes that may affect our clients.

  • Resilience

    We’ll stay adaptable and agile. The world will always change faster than we can predict. Our goal is to stay ahead of the curve and grow alongside our clients. When the going gets tough, the tough get going!

  • Innovation

    We’ll continue to push the boundaries of the product, experience and organisational design to stay one step ahead, improve the customer experience and take us one step closer to our vision. We’ll always ask ‘how could we do things better'?

  • Customer success

    We’ll go above and beyond to make every customer more successful. Our whole existence is based on the principle “You grow, we grow”. Without the success of our customers, we are no longer.

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We’re a rapidly growing team, distributed across the world. Wherever you live, if you share our passion and mindset, we’d love to hear from you.


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