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We are a bunch of quirky, diverse and passionate individuals working remotely across 10+ countries, obsessed with changing the world of work.

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    Account Executive United Kingdom TalentDesk

    Loves the startup world, home to the most disruptive innovation. On his free time you can find him travelling, exploring London or scouting antique shops.

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    Software Engineer Iran TalentDesk
    I’m a software engineer From Iran with a passion for Javascript that can have fun while solving problems with code.
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    Growth Expert United Kingdom TalentDesk

    Have done sales for almost 4 years now and it never gets boring. I love the fact that I talk to people from all around the world on a daily basis. Outside of this, you can find me skateboarding, consuming ounces of frozen yoghurt, or cycling around London on a Santander bike.

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    Full Stack Developer Greece TalentDesk

    A senior web developer with over 13 years experience, Tzanis is a problem solver able to delve into complex programming tasks with ease. Tzanis works closely with our creative team to develop beautiful and clean UI and is a talented and experienced javascript engineer.

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    Full-stack Web developer Greece TalentDesk

    If I am not wondering about the mysteries of the code, 
    I am wandering to discover our world

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    Product Quality Assurance Manager Iran TalentDesk

    I am very much passionate about concept of working without borders. On my free time I play lots of sports like Tennis, skiing, and I enjoy traveling and spending time with family.

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    Customer Success Manager Ireland TalentDesk

    An experienced Customer Success Manager who enjoys music festivals, traveling, bad reality TV,  and extolling the virtues of being Irish to anyone who will listen!

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    Co-Founder & CTO United Arab Emirates TalentDesk

    One of the first hires at, Sotiris had over 12 years of experience working in the freelance economy before being transferred across to be CTO of When he’s not coding or studying new technologies and crypto-currencies, Sotiris performs martial arts. We try not to piss him off.

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    VP of Engineering Spain TalentDesk

    Jordan bas been working in tech development since the late 1990s and has been leading remote teams for the past 8 years. Australian by origin, but based in Europe since 2000 (12 years London, 10 years Barcelona), Jordan is now heading up our engineering team from Spain. Loves cycling, cooking, investing, entrepreneurship and travel.

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    Payments Manager United Kingdom TalentDesk

    Love all things Payments, trying out new cuisines and experiencing immersive and eclectic artistry and music. 

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    Support Professional United States TalentDesk

    Seasoned support professional with 5 years of experience. Loves challenges, helping people solve problems and making an impact wherever he goes. His favourite things are tech, travelling, music and food.

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    Web developer United Kingdom TalentDesk

    Hi, I’m Graham, I’m an advocate of Web Standards and I create semantic and accessible web sites. When I’m not making things more simple and consistent in the virtual world, I like to make things in the physical world.

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    General Legal Counsel Spain TalentDesk

    Loves old movies, new tech and is obsessed with efficiency.

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    We’re a rapidly growing team, distributed across the world. Wherever you live, if you share our passion and mindset, we’d love to hear from you.

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    VP of Sales & Engineering United Kingdom TalentDesk
    A senior sales leader with over 15 years of experience, Alex is passionate about building, coaching and leading sales teams to the best of their ability. In his spare time he enjoys reading, walking and keeping fit.
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    Founder & CEO United Kingdom TalentDesk

    One of the early pioneers of the freelance economy, founding in 2007, which became one of the largest freelance marketplaces in Europe. On the rare occasion that Xenios is not hosting a BBQ for friends, or cooking, he spends his time indulging in his other passions which include painting, wine tasting, martial arts, or just unwinding in the countryside.

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    Marketing Director United Kingdom TalentDesk

    Loves all things creative. Enjoys long walks, live music and good coffee.

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    Customer Success Representative India TalentDesk

    A vivid learner, Cardmaker, Artist and Calligrapher who loves to craft alphabets and colour palettes. I can sit all day making beautiful handmade cards.

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    Advisor United States TalentDesk

    An experienced entrepreneur who previously founded Conversocial, Joshua joined in 2020 as an advisor. Recently, he launched animal-free burger company Artemys (our Chief Grilling Officer was sold!). He loves board games and surfing, and has just adopted a puppy, so we’ve been inviting him to more of our Zoom calls.

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    Product Designer Latvia TalentDesk
    Design ninja who crafts beautiful and usable designs that make people lives better.


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This is TalentDesk

We envision a world with no boundaries for talent. A world in which people have the freedom to choose where they work from and how. We believe happier people produce better work, and we wake up every day with a common goal of empowering businesses to transform their workforce into a global and flexible one.

Our values

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We’re a rapidly growing team, distributed across the world. Wherever you live, if you share our passion and mindset, we’d love to hear from you.

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