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Bulletproof compliance and security for your freelance endeavors. Effortless management, streamlined reporting, top-tier talent engagement - and rest easy with our rock-solid data protection measures.

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 We form a protective shield for your business from onboarding to classification insurance. We assess risks, provide guidance and handle all contractual obligations alongside essential AML and KYC checks for your contractors and freelancers for added peace of mind.

Data Protection

 Our FMS integrates enterprise-grade security into every facet of your operations. We comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and certify with SOC2 so that you can ensure that we meet regulatory requirements.



  Streamline freelancer expense tracking and task alignment without the manual effort. Instantly access spending reports, match accounting and project codes automatically, and eliminate manual cost syncing and excessive communication

Your TalentDesk shield in the freelance frontier

Our expert classification questionnaire will assess each contractor individually prior to any work carried out. We’ll flag up risky relationships, offer guidance to minimize risks and safely collect relevant information to protect your business. We put our name on the line as your Agent of Record, and offer indemnification against misclassification should anything arise.

From discovery to tax day, streamlined

Revolutionize your 1099 filing process by effortlessly capturing and delivering all necessary contractor data in a readily accessible format, guaranteeing swift and punctual submissions. On top of that, our customizable templates are designed to effortlessly gather crucial freelancer details, enabling infinite onboarding workflows and instant oversight. Ensure smooth hiring of new talent and create unity across your operations.

Unify, budget, pay, repeat!

Effortlessly manage multiple global entities and bank accounts with our parent/child organization setup. Receive consolidated invoices in 55+ currencies and make fast payouts in 190+ countries. Simplify cost tracking and budget management with task-level caps and automated invoicing. 

Expense reporting reinvented

Access expenditure reports detailing budget spent at task level, along with comprehensive reports in Xero format to enhance your budget planning capabilities. Easily tie back timesheets and expenses to relevant work using our accounting integrations, making cost attribution painless.

Remote doesn’t have to be risky. Scaling needn’t be scary

Find out how TalentDesk can save you time and money.

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