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Get started on the right freelancer management path

For small and growing businesses who want to streamline onboarding and freelancer management. Access custom templates and e-sign legal documents, oversee milestones, and navigate a curated talent pool with ease.

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Refine your onboarding process with finesse

Get tailored custom templates to capture essential information from freelancers from the outset and onwards. You can also generate as many templates as you need to make it seamless to add additional workers into your teams. Make freelancer onboarding a breeze with limitless workflows and maintain real-time oversight, creating effortless transparency and cohesion throughout your workflow.

Ditch the legal paper chase

Wave farewell to the hassle of scanning, printing and uploading contracts manually. With our e-signing integration, handling legal documents is a breeze - simply review and sign them digitally. Plus, TalentDesk makes legal document management easy. Whether it’s creating or uploading crucial files, from NDAs to tax forms like W-9 and W-8BEN, start your onboarding on the right foot. Simplify your process, stay compliant, and focus on what truly matters.

A digital directory at your doorstep

Dive into our carefully selected top-tier talent pool and bookmark your favorites for your projects. Forge your own searchable, filterbale freelancer directory to easily navigate through the sea of expertise, pinpointing the perfect fit for any task in just a click. Filter by rate, location, skills and more. It’s not just a directory; it’s your shortcut to staffing excellence.