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We take the headache out of contractor compliance

From helping you classify and verify your independent contractors, we're here to ensure compliant engagement throughout. Our (optional) international Agent of Record (AOR) service provides a protective shield for your business, giving you that much-needed peace of mind.

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We put our name on the line as your global Agent of Record

Eliminate legal and contract admin while discovering an extra layer of protection. By being your international Agent of Record, we let you focus on whatever you need to do to grow your business, hassle-free. We handle the paperwork and put our name on the line (literally!) to help you mitigate compliance risks. Get extra peace of mind by letting us take care of the necessary AML and KYC checks on your contractors and freelancers.


Scale your freelancer teams without admin

Imagine a world without red tape! With TalentDesk, you can eliminate that time consuming legal and contract admin, and scale your freelancer teams up or down with a click of a button. Upload or create legal contracts and required documents in bulk, and make life easier with our e-signing feature. Better yet, outsource legal admin to us through our Agent of Record (AOR) service!


Signed, sealed, delivered



No more printing, scanning and manually uploading contracts. With our e-signing integration, legal documents can be easily reviewed and signed digitally. Easily ramp up or down your workforce, without the administrative burden.

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1099 filing

We make 1099 filing super simple by capturing all the relevant information as well as collecting W-9 and W-8 tax forms, plus TIN matching. File your 1099s with a few clicks directly from our platform.


Agent of Record armor

We use our expertise to help you correctly classify and compliantly hire freelancers through our AOR service. More importantly, we act as a shield for your business by signing on your behalf. 

Hand your freelancer verification checks over to us

Get extra peace of mind by letting TalentDesk handle all the relevant checks before you engage your chosen freelancers, including anti-money laundering checks (AML) and KYC verification. We complete thorough identification checks on your freelancers and contractors while staying up-to-date on regulatory requirements. Sit back, relax and confidently engage with your workforce, compliantly.


Create and store legal documents safely

Create or upload important documents on TalentDesk in no time. Start collecting signed or confirmed legal documents (NDAs, Proof of Address) and important tax forms (W-9, W-8BEN etc.) that are required to keep you compliant, from the onboarding stage. Here’s a contractor onboarding checklist to get you started. Relax as your important records become easy to locate and safe from data loss or unauthorized access.


You no longer need to play detective - we’ll alert you about any red flags

Say goodbye to the wild goose chase of searching for all of your important information. Our rich freelancer profiles show you everything you need to know about your freelancers, at a glance. We’ll flag anything that might accidentally pass you by, including incomplete tasks and pending information, all while storing essential legal documents in one place. Collect vital information at any time and make managing your documents super simple.


Freelancer Management made easy

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Sync with your favorite accounting tools.

Wasting time manually inputting data? Reconcile invoices in real time by allowing TalentDesk to integrate with your existing accounting software.

Find out howwith Integrations


Task management

Track time, tasks and budgets with zero effort.

Create your ideal project and assemble your dream team in minutes. Get a bird's-eye-view of your checklists, deliverables and budgets all in one place.

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Open API

Leverage our Open API technology.

Don’t let disconnected processes lead to a domino effect of problems. Custom fit TalentDesk into your pre-existing processes so you never have to leave your central interface.

Find out howwith Open API

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Fully customize the onboarding process of your global talent.

Use custom skills and templates to create a knowledge base tailored to your business. Your customized database enables you to find the best available people for a task, instantly.

Find out howwith Onboarding

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Enjoy the simplest solution for paying freelancers, anywhere.

You’ll never have to deal with numerous invoices again. Receive just one consolidated invoice to pay all of your freelancers cost-effectively, wherever they are located.

Find out howwith Payments

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Search and hire the crème de la crème of freelancers, for free.

We’ve done the hard work to vet and curate the best freelancers! All you need to do is pick your favorites from TalentMarket and add them to your contractor contact book.

Find out howwith Sourcing

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Get your global shield of protection.

We're not afraid to put our name on the line to help you mitigate risks. Hire and easily onboard the best global talent, knowing that we've got your back with our Agent of Record (AOR) service.

Find out howwith Compliance

Remote doesn’t have to be risky. Compliance needn't be complex.

Discover how TalentDesk can save you time and money.

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Frequently asked questions

What is TalentDesk?

We are a global freelancer and contractor management platform that enables streamlined hiring, onboarding and paying of your workforce. Farewell, messy databases and invoices! We can also help you find the cream of the crop of freelance talent.

How does TalentDesk work?

Set up your organization in minutes and start inviting your freelancers as well as internal managers. Our intuitive platform will guide you through the next steps.

How does TalentDesk help with freelancer compliance?

Our experience has allowed us to create a comprehensive system that can handle every aspect of your freelancer or contractor engagement. From ensuring there are no gaps in hiring process and documentation, to giving you a secure communication platform where information is stored in the cloud, to automating global payments and providing you with an Agent of Record (AOR) service, we can take care of all the legal admin.

What is an Agent of Record (AOR)?

An Agent of Record (AOR) creates and signs the contracts with your contractors, so you don't have to deal with tedious legal admin. We’ll act as an intermediary between you and your contractors and help you remain compliant from the get-go. Let our AOR service take care of all necessary AML and KYC verifications for extra peace of mind.

Who can approve worksheets?

Any manager who is involved in a project can approve a worksheet.

Can I add documents for my freelancers to sign?

Yes - you can upload documents at onboarding that need to be e-signed by your freelancers and contractors, that you can access at any time. You can also use our 'Documents' feature for uploading contracts that need to be confirmed or e-signed at a task level.