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Automate freelancer management, unleash creativity

For Creatives: eliminates the admin-heavy (and boring) parts of your job like freelancer onboarding, invoice checks and budget reporting, so you can be the most creative version of yourself. 

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"In my team, we have cut our admin time in half, from the research operations point of view. The onboarding process has become smoother: contract signing, staffing freelancers into projects and evaluating the tasks is now done through one streamlined platform, which definitely helped us save a lot of time. [...] We’ve in fact estimated that we are saving 47% of our time on onboarding and work allocation."
Paige Lawson, Sourcing Specialist

Feeling like you weren't hired to do payment admin?

We hear you. If you're feeling like freelancer management admin is swamping your creativity, you're not alone. Instead of spending tons of time approving, processing and tracking payments, why not automate the entire process so you can focus on more important tasks while your freelancers are paid on time at the best rates?
less payment mess

Free up your time by automating onboarding and legal document collection

No more drowning in spreadsheets and scrambling to collect important documents from your freelancers before the deadline. With our customizable onboarding process, you can let the platform do its job in onboarding and document collection, while you do yours.

Group creatives for easy task allocation and smooth talk

Once onboarding is done and dusted,  you'll be left with a searchable, customized directory of your talent at your fingertips. Create teams and projects and allocate work to the right people with a click. Use our messaging hub for quick collaboration and add internal team members for extra visibility, without the back and forth.


Keep track of your creative tasks and budgets in one centralized hub

Still using spreadsheets to keep track of invoices and expenses? Are you getting inundated with emails from accounts on where to allocate spend? With you can easily keep track of costs, the smart way. In fact, you can set caps at a granular task level and use our time tracking tool to match freelancer cost to the allocated work. Download reports in a few clicks and make cost attribution and forecasting a breeze.

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Simplify your freelancer management, amplify your success

Discover how TalentDesk can save you time and money.

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