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Task Management: Visibility never looked so good

Find the best available freelancers in your centralized directory and assign tasks in no time. Tie timesheets and invoices back to allocated tasks with minimum effort and maximum visibility. 

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Your searchable directory of freelancers at your fingertips

Get a custom-built, centralized directory of your external workforce that makes it lightning fast for you to choose your best available talent. Simply search and filter your database of freelancers and contractors by rate, skills, reviews, location and more. Say goodbye to chaotic spreadsheets and hello to finding the right talent for your project or task in seconds. 



Allocate tasks and keep track effortlessly

Effortlessly add team members to your projects and assign tasks to the most qualified freelancers within your customized directory in a matter of seconds. Set caps for cost control at a granular task level and keep tabs on your checklists, progress, and deliverables all in one place. Seamlessly collaborate and engage in individual or group discussions, and easily share visibility amongst team members.


Ensure contractor compliance at every step of the way

With our contract templates functionality available at task level, you can ensure contractor compliance at every stage of the work. Just create and upload your required documents (NDAs, SOWs etc.) in the legal section of our freelancer management platform, and include them at task level when you’re inviting your freelancers so that they can confirm before starting any new work.


Time tracking for enhanced transparency and full control

Automate timesheets and invoices with our time tracking tool. With just a couple of clicks, your freelancers can log their time for easy invoice generation and approval. We make it so easy for you to monitor budgets and maintain accurate cost control at task level, whilst ensuring visibility across teams.


Seamless accounting integration, for better transparency with less work

Eliminate the need for manual data entry and triple-checking. Download freelancer expenditure reports at a click and sync with your accounting systems to simplify your workflows, reduce admin costs and boost productivity. Your centralized expenditure hub lets you match project codes with accounting codes easily, saving valuable resources on your remote team management. It's never been easier to maximize your financial accuracy.


Freelancer Management made easy

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Get your global shield of protection.

We're not afraid to put our name on the line to help you mitigate risks. Hire and easily onboard the best global talent, knowing that we've got your back with our Agent of Record (AOR) service.

Find out howwith Compliance

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Fully customize the onboarding process of your global talent.

Use custom skills and templates to create a knowledge base tailored to your business. Your customized database enables you to find the best available people for a task, instantly.

Find out howwith Onboarding

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Enjoy the simplest solution for paying freelancers, anywhere.

You’ll never have to deal with numerous invoices again. Receive just one consolidated invoice to pay all of your freelancers cost-effectively, wherever they are located.

Find out howwith Payments

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Sync with your favorite accounting tools.

Wasting time manually inputting data? Reconcile invoices in real time by allowing TalentDesk to integrate with your existing accounting software.

Find out howwith Integrations

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Search and hire the crème de la crème of freelancers, for free.

We’ve done the hard work to vet and curate the best freelancers! All you need to do is pick your favorites from TalentMarket and add them to your contractor contact book.

Find out howwith Sourcing


Task management

Track time, tasks and budgets with zero effort.

Create your ideal project and assemble your dream team in minutes. Get a bird's-eye-view of your checklists, deliverables and budgets all in one place.

Find out howwith Task management

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Open API

Leverage our Open API technology.

Don’t let disconnected processes lead to a domino effect of problems. Custom fit TalentDesk into your pre-existing processes so you never have to leave your central interface.

Find out howwith Open API

Remote doesn’t have to be risky. Scaling needn’t be scary

Find out how TalentDesk can save you time and money.

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Frequently asked questions

Who can approve worksheets?

Any manager who is involved in a project can approve a worksheet.

What do you mean by project collaboration?

Whether you are working as a one-off with a freelancer or a group of freelancers, or whether you have ongoing projects, you'll need a place to share briefs, communicate, and set milestones. Through our freelancer management system, project managers can create and allocate tasks, and share visibility with other managers.

I use my own project codes, can replicate these?

This question has multiple answers! allows you to name your projects, so if you'd like to replicate codes from other software we can either try to replicate the process or work towards integrating with the other software.

How are budget requests / purchase orders handled by TalentDesk? allows you to allocate budget to each of your Managers on an ad-hoc basis. Each project on requires a Purchase Order to be raised and approved before the Project can start. It can be raised by any manager within that project, and approved by any manager that has enough budget available. This means you are very unlikely to encounter bottlenecks when kicking off your project.

Where can a freelancer raise their Worksheets?

There are three places where a worksheet can be raised: 1) In the project itself 2) In the Finances section 3) As a bulk import (only Org Owners and Financial Controllers are able to do this). All worksheets and expenses have to be related to a project.

Does TalentDesk have a messaging functionality between teams?

Yes - you can message talent on TalentMarket before inviting them to join your organization as well as Freelancers that you have already invited and onboarded.

Can I have multiple entities under one parent organization?

Yes! Having multiple entities under one parent organization provides cost saving to businesses with a global presence. Eliminate those painful FX rates by having multiple invoices in different currencies.