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How to Manage Subject Matter Experts

How to Manage Subject Matter Experts

Unlock the full potential of your projects with our expert guide on managing Subject Matter Experts. Learn strategies for effective collaboration.

What Are Distributed Teams And How to Manage Them Remotely?

Distributed Team Management

What is a distributed team? What is the difference between a distributed and a remote team? What are the benefits, and which successful companies have already adopted this model? These are all questions we'll be covering in this blog - read on for more!

What is Contractor Management and how does it work?

What is a Contractor Management System: How Does it Work?

If you are an employer, chances are you are already working with contractors and freelancers. This blog post will help you better understand what contractor management is and how it works.

The Ultimate Tools for Remote Work

Improve Productivity with 7 Remote Team Management Tools

Do you manage a remote team? If yes, these productivity tools can help you communicate and collaborate better with your team.

How to Manage Contractors With Just One Tool

How to Manage Contractors With Just One Tool

Working with contractors can be a complex process. Check out these 10 tips for managing your contractors and freelancers using one simplified tool!

Freelance Management Software (FMS): The Ultimate Guide

Freelance Management Software (FMS): The Ultimate Guide is the leading Freelancer Management System to pay, manage and onboard your freelancers and remote teams from a single, user-friendly platform in the US & UK. Request a demo today.

Our Top 12 Freelancer Payment Systems

Our Top 12 Freelancer Payment Systems

Having a flawless payment process in place is a fantastic way of inspiring loyalty and building a reliable talent pool. However, a good payment portal isn't just for the benefit of your freelancers. Here's why your business needs a secure payment system in place, ASAP.

How To Write a Clear & Effective Project Brief

How To Write A Clear & Effective Project Brief

A strong project brief helps you clarify your expectations right at the beginning and makes your freelancers’ jobs easier.

Guide for Managers

TalentDesk 101: Guide to using the platform as a manager

Check out this blog for our most common freelancer FAQs and how to get started on the platform. We will be covering, as a freelancer, how to set up your account on, work on projects, raise your worksheets and expenses, payments, support and more.