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The easiest freelancer payment solution

Automated global payments with just a click. Receive one consolidated invoice, and let us take care of the pa(y)perwork with our multi-currency payment solution. Easily approve, reject or amend worksheets in an instant.
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Global, automated payments in one click

Approve, reject or amend timesheets or worksheets seamlessly. Get your contractors and freelancers paid on time without the hassle. Save yourself from a whole lot of admin and needless hours wasted on numerous freelancer payments. Accelerate your payment speed, and free up your own time.

One consolidated invoice, not thousands

No manual payments, no bank fees, transparent FX charges. You’ll have just one consolidated invoice that includes all your contractor payments, in the currency of your choice. A granular breakdown is a click away when you need it. Choose from monthly, bi-weekly or weekly payments. Get your freelancers paid on time at your preferred frequency and in your chosen currency, without extra burden on your finance team.

Multiple global entities and bank accounts? No problem!

Our parent / child organization setup allows you to have separate entities or subsidiaries under one main organization. Get a consolidated invoice per entity, in different 55+ currencies, and avoid those unnecessary exchange rates. Make fast payouts in 190+ countries while saving time and money.

Track budgets & unify payment data

Simplify cost tracking and easily match spend to work allocated. With our time tracking tool, all your freelancers need to do is press start and stop for automated invoice generation. What’s even better is that you’ll never go over budget again as you can set caps and limits at task level, from the start. Improve visibility, connectivity and control all with one platform.




Streamlined expenditure reports within one platform

Download detailed reports of budget spent as well as accrual reports in Xero format for advanced budget planning. Match freelancer costs to the relevant cost codes in your accounting software and avoid those tedious emails with accounts. Take your workflow management to the next level with our seamless accounting software integrations.


Freelancer Management made easy

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Search and hire the crème de la crème of freelancers, for free.

We’ve done the hard work to vet and curate the best freelancers! All you need to do is pick your favorites from TalentMarket and add them to your contractor contact book.

Find out howwith Sourcing

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Fully customize the onboarding process of your global talent.

Use custom skills and templates to create a knowledge base tailored to your business. Your customized database enables you to find the best available people for a task, instantly.

Find out howwith Onboarding

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Enjoy the simplest solution for paying freelancers, anywhere.

You’ll never have to deal with numerous invoices again. Receive just one consolidated invoice to pay all of your freelancers cost-effectively, wherever they are located.

Find out howwith Payments

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Sync with your favorite accounting tools.

Wasting time manually inputting data? Reconcile invoices in real time by allowing TalentDesk to integrate with your existing accounting software.

Find out howwith Integrations

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Open API

Leverage our Open API technology.

Don’t let disconnected processes lead to a domino effect of problems. Custom fit TalentDesk into your pre-existing processes so you never have to leave your central interface.

Find out howwith Open API

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Get your global shield of protection.

We're not afraid to put our name on the line to help you mitigate risks. Hire and easily onboard the best global talent, knowing that we've got your back with our Agent of Record (AOR) service.

Find out howwith Compliance


Task management

Track time, tasks and budgets with zero effort.

Create your ideal project and assemble your dream team in minutes. Get a bird's-eye-view of your checklists, deliverables and budgets all in one place.

Find out howwith Task management

Simplify your freelancer management, amplify your success.

Discover how TalentDesk can save you time and money.

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Frequently asked questions

Who has access to the invoices? will ask you to assign a Financial Controller within your organization. This person, as well as your finance / billing department (should you choose so) will receive all invoices.

Can the invoices be forwarded to the finance department?

Even easier than that, you can add the finance department's email address in the system and they will receive them directly. No need to add them as a user to the platform, unless you’d like to.

When do freelancers get paid?

Freelancers are paid as soon as we receive payment from you!. We issue our invoices on the 1st working day of the month if you are on a monthly billing cycle, on the 15th for bi-weekly, and on the 8th and 23rd for weekly payments. Depending on how quickly we receive the payment from you freelancers could get paid within 24hrs.

When are the payment details agreed?

Whenever a freelancer is onboarded you will have to ask them for their rate. Both parties can request an amendment to the rate after that. NOTE: a change in rate will not impact the projects that are currently ongoing.

What are TalentDesk’s prices?

Hire, manage and pay your freelancers all on with our monthly $449 platform fee (3 users included). For $99 per contractor, per month we also offer an Agent of Record (AOR) service, freeing you from all the tedious legal admin.

Is there a charge for processing payments through TalentDesk?

Yes - we charge a small % fee on processing payments through TalentDesk. The more you grow, the smaller the fee. Speak to our team to find out more.

How do my freelancers get paid?

Once your freelancers raise their worksheets and expenses, and they are approved by an internal member of your team, we’ll consolidate them in an invoice payable to us. Once we receive the money from you, we’ll process all the freelancer payments straight to their bank account and currency of choice. You’ll be able to track the status of these payments on our platform!

Can my freelancers have multiple rates?

Yes! Whether by the hour or by the day, your freelancers can have multiple options that they can decide to use according to the project or task, with your approval.

How many countries does TalentDesk support payments to?

TalentDesk allows you to pay freelancers and contractors in over 190 different countries and over 50 currencies.