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Instant Work Allocation

Find the best available people for your project at-a-glance and assign tasks quickly. Track milestones and progress and make work happen - sooner rather than later.

Make work happen

View all your projects in one real-time dashboard and create new projects with ease.


Assign tasks with a click

Search your directory and assign work to the best available contractors instantly. Faster kick-offs mean timely projects.


Different work, different rate

Want the flexibility of assigning different tasks at different rates? Choose your preferred rate for the task and invite your contractor to start the work.


Exchange deliverables and collaborate

Once your project is up-and-running, you can securely store, share and access all relevant documents in one place.


Track your work

Keep an eye on budgets, milestones and deadlines and make sure the right people maintain visibility on the work.


Remote doesn’t have to be risky. Scaling needn’t be scary

Find out how TalentDesk can save you time and money.

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Frequenty asked questions

What do you mean by project collaboration?

Freelancers are not all "gig workers". We know that you often have teams of freelancers working for you on ongoing projects. We allow Managers to subdivide tasks, chat within the context of projects and share material.

Will other clients of be able to see my freelancers?

No! Your talent pool is your talent pool. See our privacy policy for more details.