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Onboard your global contractors compliantly

Hiring a global, flexible workforce has never been simpler. Streamline your onboarding process and store all important documents in one location. No paperwork, no spreadsheets, no mess.

Fully customize your onboarding process from the get-go

Create custom templates, requesting the information that you’d like to capture from your contractors at onboarding and beyond. Start working compliantly.

Onboarding templates

Onboard your talent compliantly

Invite your contractors and freelancers to your TalentDesk directory and automate collecting important documentation like W-9s, contracts, Proof of ID, NDAs etc. 

Onboard compliantly

Store important information in one place

Our rich contractor profiles show you everything you need to know about your contractors at-a-glance. We’ll flag up what’s missing and eliminate the lingering compliance stress, so that you can focus on real work.

Contractor Profile

Agent of Record (AOR)

TalentDesk creates and signs the contracts with your contractors (so you don't have to). Mitigate compliance risk and focus on what you need to do to grow your business, stress-free. Have a look at our checklist for onboarding contractors.


Remote doesn’t have to be risky. Scaling needn’t be scary

Find out how TalentDesk can save you time and money.

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Frequenty asked questions

Who can approve worksheets?

Any manager that is involved in a project can approve a worksheet.

As a Manager I see a Project that I cannot seem to access, why is that?

You probably are the Organization Creator, so you have an overview of all project names and deadlines. However, you will only be able to access the ones you have been invited into.

What is Contractor Management?

Modern businesses need the ability to scale up or down with expert or specialist skills. Contractors offer on-demand support without the inflexibility of full-time contracts.

However, mismanaging contract workers can put workers at risk and expose the organization to compliance, commercial and legal risk. If you don’t have the right system in place you might start missing deadlines and budgets could get out of hand. Worse, KYC documents might not be stored securely and client data could be lost or compromised.

The right contractor management solution mitigates these risks and reduces unnecessary admin and stress.

How does Contractor Management Work?

The first job is to set expectations for both employer and supplier. These obligations should be clearly set out in a legal agreement, reducing the likelihood of future disputes. 

At the very least, these terms should set out when and where the work will be done, and how and when payments will be made. The agreement should also set out who is responsible for ensuring compliance around contracts and other legal paperwork. A good solution is to use an Agent of Record (AOR) like, to handle all of this on your behalf.

Having all this in place will simplify processes like multi-currency payments and contractor onboarding. It will also help build good, long-lasting working relationships between both parties.

Why should you implement a Contractor management process?

In the past, contractors were managed using paper-based records, then spreadsheets. As the number of contractors on the books rose – and they became distributed across multiple time zones – these spreadsheets became time-consuming to manage and prone to errors.

 A good contractor management system lets you automate global payments, helps customize your onboarding processes to save time and allows you to manage deadlines, expenses and budgets at-a-glance.