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Leave the freelancer management tech to us

For Tech Companies:
Leave all the hassle of onboarding and payments to us, so you can focus on sky-rocketing your business.
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"TalentDesk has saved us a lot of time and has helped us to grow. It’s very convenient to use and if we still had to do things manually, it would really slow us down."
Julia Kozlova, Data Quality & Operations Analyst

Our customers love us

Discover the flexibility of a searchable, contractor database

We know how complex it can be to navigate the ups and downs of the tech world. With our curated marketplace, TalentMarket, if you urgently need a top-notch javascript specialist or a programmer in a specific country, it’s no problem: there’s a searchable directory of pre-vetted contractors at your fingertips. Simply look through contractor profiles, read reviews, create shortlists and scale up your workforce effortlessly. Build a flexible, global workforce with ease and stay compliant as you scale, with the right freelancer management system in place.


Keep on top of your team’s time and budgets

As your team scales rapidly, are you finding it increasingly difficult to track time and keep control of cost visibility? With our time tracking tool, all your freelancers and contractors need to do is press start and stop to generate timesheets or worksheets. It’s never been easier to approve invoices and tie them back to the allocated work. And more importantly, eliminate those never ending email exchanges between you and accounts, by matching freelancer costs to the relevant codes in your accounting software or by using our accounting integrations. 

You’ve never seen freelancer retention rates like this

Is your company expanding globally and rapidly? Can’t afford to lose your best talent? Make sure your global team is getting paid on time with automated monthly, bi-weekly or weekly payments to 190+ countries and in 55+ currencies. They’ll be ready to work with you again as fast as you’ve paid them. We’re also offering zero fee Wise-to-Wise payments to your contractors, so they won’t be disgruntled about those nasty exchange-rate fees when they get paid. 


Simplify your freelancer management, amplify your success

Discover how TalentDesk can save you time and money.

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