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There’s a faster and better way to make global payments

For Finance Teams:

Through our partnerships and advanced payment automation, we’re able to make all your freelancer payments on time and at better rates. Receive just one consolidated invoice to pay, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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"I think the easiest way to quantify the benefits we’ve seen is through payment processing. I used to spend 15 to 20 hours a month on processing payments manually: from picking the bank account details and entering them on a spreadsheet to making sure the info is right and the payments are being processed in a timely manner."
Rafael Suarez, Financial controller

Our partners


Say hello to reduced admin and kiss manual payments goodbye

Save a tonne of payment admin through consolidated invoicing with You’ll only get charged one all-inclusive, highly-favorable fee, and you’ll have just one invoice to pay. Meanwhile, we get your freelancers paid on time, fast, in 190+ countries and 55+ currencies. For Wise to Wise payments, your freelancers won’t incur any transaction fees. How’s that for improving your talent retention rate?


Pay, track, save


1-click Payments

You’ll have just one consolidated invoice that includes all your freelancer payments with our multi-currency payment solution. We allow you to amend, reject or approve worksheets in an instant.


Reports + Integrations

Access expenditure reports detailing budget spent at project or contractor level, along with comprehensive reports in Xero format to enhance your budget planning capabilities.


Multi-entity option

Avoid those unnecessary exchange rates and FX charges with our parent/child organization setup. Receive one consolidated invoice per entity and we’ll take care of the rest.

Keep tabs on freelancer time and budgets, with zero effort

Bulk approve freelancer timesheets and expenses and keep control of costs easily. Our time tracking tool makes it simple to monitor freelance work against costs, while our real-time dashboard gives a birds-eye-view of project budgets at a click. Set caps on freelancer costs, and easily tie back timesheets and expenses to the relevant work. With our cost code and accounting integration capabilities, cost attribution is no longer a pain in your buttocks. 


Mend your relationship with remote teams whilst ensuring accountability

Tired of playing Chinese whispers with other team leaders? Get full transparency between teams without the messy spreadsheets or heated discussions. With you can easily manage who has control and accountability over invoices and budgets, while adding as many people as you like to projects for that extra visibility. Set limits on costs from the get-go and at task level granularity, and avoid those nasty surprises and awkward conversations. 


Simplify your freelancer management, amplify your success

Discover how TalentDesk can save you time and money.

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