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Take control of your freelancer workflow, with less work

For Operations: gives you a fully customizable, searchable directory of your team at your fingertips and enhances visibility across teams on every aspect of your freelancer workflow - from onboarding to automated payments.

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"In my team, we have cut our admin time in half, from the research operations point of view. The onboarding process has become smoother: contract signing, staffing freelancers into projects and evaluating the tasks is now done through one streamlined platform, which definitely helped us save a lot of time. [...] We’ve in fact estimated that we are saving 47% of our time on onboarding and work allocation."
Marta Barriga, Head of Research Operations

Get compliance sorted (or better yet - outsourced) from the get-go

Fully customize and automate your onboarding process for speedy, compliant kick-offs. With you can create and upload legal documents for signature at onboarding and task level, and easily manage all important documents in one place. Collect important information or forms like W-9s at onboarding, and easily spot missing information before it’s too late. 

Better yet, use our international Agent of Record (AOR) service to outsource legal admin and mitigate compliance risks, for an even smoother journey. 


Signed, sealed, delivered


Legal Admin

Eliminate admin and mitigate compliance risk as our Agent of Record creates and signs the contracts with your global talent (so you don't have to).


AML / ID Verifications

Discover an extra layer of protection by letting us handle all relevant verifications before you engage with your chosen freelancers, including anti-money laundering checks, ID checks and KYC verification.


Misclassification Armor

Our Agent of Record uses expertise to help you assess classification, but more importantly, we are responsible for fronting and defending your decision in classifying your contractors.

Allocate work seamlessly and maintain visibility throughout

Organize your freelancer teams in the way that works best for you and your business, and find the right people for a task in seconds. With our project and task templates you’ll minimize the admin and prep time so that your teams can start the work promptly. Add internal team members and stakeholders for extra transparency and use our project management features for messaging, uploading and receiving deliverables, tracking milestones and more.

Keep track of budgets effortlessly with our time tracking tool

Get granular breakdowns of time spent on tasks, alongside the benefit of consolidated invoicing. Just one invoice for your finance team to pay, while you enjoy full transparency of timesheets and expenses. Our payment automation sends fast and reliable payments to 190+ countries and 55+ currencies at the best rates. Could your team do with that extra time back and cost saving? 


Simplify your freelancer management, amplify your success

Discover how TalentDesk can save you time and money.

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