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Cut expenses without compromising flexibility

For Media companies:

Our platform drastically reduces the time spent managing your freelancers while making it a breeze to collaborate across various cities, states or countries.

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"Time saving is a massive benefit. We’ve given the finance team a week of their month back that they were using to just process all the payments."
Paige Lawson, Sourcing Specialist

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Unlock a diverse workforce at your fingertips

Tired of looking for the needle in the haystack when it comes to sourcing good talent? Get access to the best freelancers within our TalentMarket, for free. We've already vetted our freelancers, so you can simply start looking through profiles, read reviews and more. You can also easily create a searchable, up-to-date directory of your own talent, so if you need a copywriter or a graphic designer for an urgent project you can instantly match the right available person to the work.


Lightning-fast global payments, at a fraction of the cost

Make sure your contractors are getting paid on time with automated monthly, bi-weekly or weekly payments to 190+ countries and in 55+ currencies. Wasting hours on needless payment admin? Accelerate your payment speed, and give yourself more free time with just one consolidated invoice. Your freelancers can make invoice generation quick and simple by logging their work completion time with our time tracking tool.

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Enhanced efficiency and seamless visibility of your creative projects

Complete your projects at record speeds and maintain streamlined connectivity and control of budgets. Keep track of your checklists, task progress and deliverables all in one place. Communicate easily with team messaging and provide feedback for effortless transparency and workflow visibility. No need to worry about overspending in the meantime. With cost capping at task level and our time tracking tool, you can easily maintain control of budgets and tie back invoices into the allocated work. 


Simplify your freelancer management, amplify your success

Discover how TalentDesk can save you time and money.

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