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Sanhita Mukherjee
Sanhita is a writer who creates blogs and marketing content for TalentDesk. When she’s not writing, she is usually curled up with a good book and a cup of coffee, or daydreaming about her next vacation.

How to Manage Contractors With Just One Tool

How to Manage Contractors With Just One Tool

A lot of managers who are hesitant about working with freelancers and contractors because they’ve had bad experiences in the past have one thing in common. They mistakenly believe that since external workers are not permanent members of their teams, they do not need to be managed.

How to protect your online content

How to protect your online content

You create a great piece of content that you’re proud of – it provides useful information to your audience, and sets you apart as a thought leader in the industry. You publish the piece and it is extremely well-received. Perhaps, a little too well-received! A few days later, you get to know that...

Freelance Management Systems: The Ultimate Guide

Freelance Management Systems: The Ultimate Guide

Working with freelancers is nothing new — but the pandemic has made it truly mainstream. In the second quarter of 2020 alone, freelance job postings saw a 41% increase when compared to the year before, and 61% of businesses today say that they are looking to increase freelancer engagements in...

How to Hire Great Talent: 10 Hiring Tips for Startups

10 Best Startup Hiring Tips - How to Recruit Great Candidates

How to hire great talent: 10 Hiring Strategy Tips for Startups An organization is only as extraordinary as its people. If this statement is true for a giant corporation, it’s doubly so for up-and-coming, young startups. After all, when you only have a handful of people working in your organization,...

Contractor Payments: Everything You Need to Know

Everything You Need to Know About Contractor Payments

If your organization has started working with more freelancers and contractors over the last year, you’re certainly not alone — over 61% of businesses are actually planning to increase freelancer engagements. While most organizations acknowledge the importance of finding and managing external...

How the Right Payment System Allows You to Attract Better Freelance Talent

How the right payment system allows you to attract better freelance talent

How the right payment system allows you to attract better freelance talent Now more than ever, it is imperative to have an efficient payment system in place for your freelance talent. With more than 1 in 3 people opting to freelance currently and that number racing towards more than 50% of the...

Virtual Team Building Activities Your Team Will Love

Remote working has become the new normal during the Covid era, but what actually is a virtual team?  If your company works with multiple people who are all based in different locations, have different skill sets, and report to different people — but are all working towards a common goal, then...

How to hire and manage freelance writers

If there were any doubts about the importance of having a strong brand presence online, 2020 has dispelled them once and for all. Now, it’s not only imperative to go digital, it is also important to be unique, engaging and above all, discoverable.