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Why AI Can't Replace Freelancers and Take Over Jobs

Why AI Can't Replace Freelancers and Take Over Jobs

There's a lot of hype around artificial intelligence (AI) of the likes of Chat-GPT posing a threat to creative jobs, primarily done by freelancers and contractors. Here are some reasons why we don't think the threat is real.

The World of Work: Our Top Predictions for 2023

The World of Work: Our Top Predictions for 2023

As we enter the new year, it is important to understand future trends and predictions in order for businesses to develop the right and most efficient strategies in the year to come.

What Are Distributed Teams And How to Manage Them Remotely?

Distributed Team Management

What is a distributed team? What is the difference between a distributed and a remote team? What are the benefits, and which successful companies have already adopted this model? These are all questions we'll be covering in this blog - read on for more!

Contingent Workforce Solutions

Contingent workforce solutions: How can they enable success in the new world of work?

What are contingent workforce solutions and why do you need one? What are the key features and benefits and how can these platforms enable success? And how can you effectively implement one?

5 ways to enable success working as a virtual company

In this blog, we look into what exactly a virtual company is, as well as why someone would set up a virtual company, and 5 ways to enable success operating this way. To find out more, check out the full blog.

11 Predictions for the Future

With COVID-19 bringing about a permanent shift into not only the way businesses do work but the way people live, we can safely say the future world will be a very different place. Here are 11 interesting, but highly probable, predictions for the Future of Work from team

Future of Work Survey 2020 | Is there Life on Mars?

260+ business leaders have responded to our Future of Work Survey 2020, providing us with valuable insights into future workforce trends and in-demand systems for remote work. Find out what these are as we prepare for a tumultuous shift in the world of work, and its domino effect on life as we know it.

(r)Evolution of the workspace

So first came the Herman Miller designed cubicle office, followed by its younger and much cooler co-working sibling, and then came the remote working revolution, accelerated by a worldwide pandemic. Could the next step be an entirely digitised set-up where people can work from anywhere they choose?

5 Ways Freelancers Can Help You Achieve Your Business Goals

Have you considered using freelancers or contractors? Read this article to find out how they can play help you achieve your short and long-term objectives.