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TalentDesk’s Top 10 Trending Christmas Adverts of 2023

TalentDesk’s Top 10 Trending Christmas Adverts of 2023

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As the festive season arrives, the world of advertising transforms into a magical wonderland filled with creativity, emotion, and the spirit of the holidays. You don’t need to search for them though, we've hand picked a list of ten trending adverts from around the world that we think have captured the essence of Christmas this year. With awe-inspiring animations, humorous celebrity cameos and throwback nostalgia - we want to know what your favorites are. Join us as we unwrap each unique story with TalentDesk's Top 10 Trending Christmas Adverts of 2023, and read on to find out how you can vote for your favorite.

Walmart Black Friday Deals - Jingle Bell Rockin’

Walmart's Black Friday campaign for 2023 (created by a collective of Publicis Groupe agencies including Fallon, Publicis NY, The Community, Contender and Digitas) takes a nostalgic and playful turn, featuring a reunion of the iconic cast from the movie "Mean Girls." Lindsay Lohan, Lacey Chabert, and Daniel Franzese revive their memorable characters to promote Walmart's Black Friday deals. The advert cleverly intertwines the famous line, "On Wednesdays, we wear pink," transforming it into "On Wednesdays, we shop Walmart’s Black Friday deals." This creative approach not only capitalizes on the endless popularity of "Mean Girls" but also resonates with a broad audience that appreciates the humor of the film. The commercial's blend of nostalgia, humor, and contemporary shopping excitement presents Walmart's Black Friday deals in a way that's memorable, appealing to fans of the film and savvy shoppers alike.

Amazon - Joyride

Amazon's holiday campaign (created by Amazon and Hungry Man)  strikes a nostalgic and heartwarming chord by featuring a cover version of The Beatles' classic "In My Life." The choice of this Beatles track is perfectly timed, aligning with the recent surge in popularity and discussion surrounding The Beatles, thanks to the release of their new song. The advert tells a heartwarming story of three elderly friends who relive the joy of their childhood by going on a sledging adventure. With a playful twist of using padding for their bums, courtesy of Amazon, this blend of nostalgia, the timeless appeal of The Beatles, and a lighthearted depiction of friendship and youthful spirit can really connect with viewers.

Muji - Christmas

Muji's Christmas advert takes a delightful and peaceful approach with an animated ad created by artist Jenny Wright. This festive piece showcases a range of Muji's products, including tin candles, notebooks, bedlinen, Christmas ornaments, and its popular aroma diffuser. The animation catches attention with its focus on the simple yet satisfying aspects of enjoying Christmas. It is designed to create a relaxing and visually pleasing experience, capturing the essence of a serene holiday season. This approach perfectly aligns with Muji's brand philosophy of simplicity and quality, providing viewers with a tranquil escape into the joys of the holiday season.

Barbour - Shaun the Sheep x Baa-bour 

Barbour's Christmas advert (created by Aardman Studios) takes viewers on a heartwarming snowy adventure at Mossy Bottom Farm. Shaun, Bitzer, and the flock notice The Farmer's jacket needs repair and attempt to fix it themselves. Though it becomes clear they should leave it to professionals, the advert emphasizes the importance of thought and effort during the festive season. This sweet story highlights Barbour's durability and emotional value, capturing the essence of Christmas - togetherness, care, and giving.

Caffè Nero - 'One More Sleep' | 'It's Time'

The newest Christmas advert for Caffè Nero (created by Wonderhatch) has been warmly received for its concise, humorous, and wholesome approach. With an adult perspective on the countdown to Christmas (we definitely relate to getting excited for festive coffees) the advert quickly draws viewers into the festive spirit. Its lead actress does a great job expressing the simple excitement and joys of the holiday season and the advert is a fine example of capturing Christmas in a quick and funny way.

Myer - Make Your Merry Meaningful

Myer’s festive campaign (created by Clemenger BBDO) is a fun and lighthearted initiative by the Australian company to redefine the spirit of gift-giving during the Christmas season. This campaign highlights Myer's reputation as the ultimate destination for thoughtful presents and reminds Australians that Christmas is about more than just exchanging gifts. It's a time for genuine connections, expressing love, and showing appreciation through meaningful tokens of thought and sentiment. The advert playfully addresses the common issue of unwanted gifts, emphasizing the importance of putting thought into gift selection. This approach not only highlights the potential waste of thoughtless gifting but also encourages viewers to choose gifts that truly resonate with their loved ones.

John Lewis & Partners - Snapper: The Perfect Tree

Saatchi & Saatchi's "The Perfect Tree" for John Lewis marks an inventive turn in the brand's Christmas advertising. Applauded for its humor and creativity, the ad introduces a unique Venus flytrap character, bringing a fresh and joyful perspective to the festive season. This new direction is celebrated for its quirkiness and engaging storytelling, maintaining the spirit of Christmas while adding a delightful twist. The advert successfully embodies the joy and charm that John Lewis is known for, showcasing the brand's evolution in a way that is both entertaining and heartwarming. Do you like the new twist on John Lewis’ marketing? Do you prefer their past few year’s Christmas adverts? Let us know.

Coachtopia - Have a Wasty Holiday!

Coachtopia's "A Wasty Holiday" ad (shot by Osma Harvilahti and directed by Jason Yan), featuring Lola Tung, introduces Wasty, a character symbolizing ethical consumption. The campaign, part of Coach's circular fashion initiative, highlights Wasty transforming holiday waste into stylish Coachtopia products. Emphasizing sustainability, the advert showcases upcycled items and promotes a shift in consumer behavior towards mindful gifting. This initiative aligns with Coach's commitment to reducing waste and encouraging ethical consumer practices during the holiday season.

Asda - Make this Christmas Incredibublé

Asda's 2023 Christmas advert (created by Havas London and directed by Taika Waititi) features the beloved singer Michael Bublé, renowned for his iconic Christmas music. Asda was able to secure Bublé for their festive marketing this year with a lighthearted advert that transforms Asda stores into a Santa's grotto. This festive marketing approach cleverly utilizes Bublé's association with the holiday season, adding a touch of star power to Asda's holiday branding. The campaign successfully combines the enchantment of Christmas with the familiar setting of a supermarket, creating a one-of-a-kind holiday advertisement.

FatFace - Where I Belong, A Stevie Story

FatFace's first-ever festive animation (created by Seed Animation Studio), in collaboration with Shelter, is a touching and meaningful piece. The animation follows the character Stevie the Sheep on a quest for a home, meeting new friends along the journey. This heartwarming story culminates with a powerful message about the current housing crisis, emphasizing everyone's right to a home. The film artfully blends the festive spirit with a socially conscious theme, reminding viewers of the importance of home and community, especially during the holiday season.


As we wrap up our journey through our favorite adverts - now it's your chance to have your say! Head over to our social media channels or use our poll to cast your vote for your favorite advert from our list. Whether you're touched by the heartwarming tale of Stevie the Sheep or captivated by the star-studded Mean Girls campaign, your vote will contribute to crowning the most loved Christmas advert of 2023. Join the conversation and let's see which advert has truly captured the festive feeling this year.

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