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Client case study:

The problem

Being such a large company, our client wanted to ensure that their freelancers had a platform where they could raise their timesheets, and not have to worry about being paid on time.


Key results

  • Payment automation:

    hassle-free payments that save time and money

  • Project matching:

    time saved on finding the right people through a centralized directory

The solution

Using has helped Essentra streamline the process of managing and collating timesheets. Raising an invoice for a freelancer is quick and easy, accuracy is improved, and payments are automated by the platform, ensuring that all freelancers get paid accurately and on time. Essentra now receives just one monthly invoice whilst we take care of all their freelancer payments, saving them a huge headache, and freeing up their time so they can re-invest it back into their business.

Using TalentDesk not only takes the hassle of admin away but is hugely time saving too.


  • 90%

    less time spent on project matching

  • 80%

    less admin time

  • 10%

    saved on global payments