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Client case study:
Marketing Agency

The problem

There were three key problems this client wanted to solve with TalentDesk. They wanted to make their global network more accessible across the whole company because as the number and the scale of projects grew, they realized they couldn't scale fast enough, and their internal managers eventually became bottlenecks.

The other main issue they wanted to solve with the platform was streamlining and simplifying their project management. Again, as our client grew, they felt they needed a solution that allowed them to collaborate between both freelancers and teams, and also between the freelancers themselves. They used TalentDesk to ensure clear and easy collaboration between their freelancers, and that a high quality of work was still maintained as they scaled.

They also wanted a solution to enable quick and easy payments to many countries across the world.

Key results

  • Increased visibility:

    of their global distributed team

  • Streamlined collaboration:

    between internal and external teams, and happier freelancers

  • Faster, simpler payments:

    and hassle-free automated invoices

The solution

Using our platform has allowed our client to realize the potential of their global network, and make better, faster decisions around resource allocation. Using the reviews function has enabled them to share their wisdom across countries and teams, also understand more quickly who in their trusted network is best for which projects.

Their collaboration process is now much more streamlined and efficient, and their people can work more closely together on projects, which has led to even better work. Using has also saved them a lot of time, with increased clarity into project progress and payments. They have even reported that their freelancers seem much more engaged, meaning they get faster responses, which has lead to faster delivery, which is critical to their business success as a client-focused organization.

Director, Marketing Agency Client
We’ve been able to streamline processes which has resulted in time savings and also improved collaboration with our distributed team. This has resulted in better work and increased client satisfaction, which is vital to the work we do.


  • 30+

    active managers on the platform

  • 25%

    increase in active freelancers YTD

  • 60+

    active projects on the platform