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Client case study:
Write Arm

The problem

The challenge of working with hundreds of freelancers is having to manage them, as Write Arm owner John Ashton explained to us. “You can’t just add them to a spreadsheet and hope to find the right people at the right time”.

Businesses like Write Arm that rely on many freelancers to get work done for their clients very quickly find themselves outgrowing the spreadsheet stage and needing an efficient management system. As John communicated to us, Write Arm was looking for something more sophisticated to manage both their growing pool of talent and their ongoing projects, which is why they came to

Another challenge faced by Write Arm was having to deal with hundreds of invoices. On average, the business has 300+ projects per year, some of them involving multiple freelancers. This would result in thousands of invoices and a huge headache involved in keeping track of them.

Key results

  • One centralised directory

    for distributed team members

  • Real-time budget dashboard

    to get insight into project progress

  • One consolidated invoice

    that simplifies payments

The solution

Write Arm has realised two key benefits from implementing our software; firstly, having a central repository to log all their freelance talent, and secondly, having a detailed overview of all their ongoing projects. serves as both a database and a project management system.

With, Write Arm has effectively solved their problem of managing freelancers on spreadsheets as well as removing a huge payment headache for the business. Receiving just one consolidated invoice a month has made it a lot easier for the company to predict cash flow and manage their finances.

The company is constantly evolving their needs as they grow, and John tells us that another key advantage of is our adaptability to their requests, and how we have evolved our product according to their needs.

John Ashton, Founder of Write Arm
As we know a lot of businesses are moving to that (freelance) model - it’s very much part of the new economy. I think are way ahead of the curve. They have seen the future and they are providing a solution for the challenges that those businesses are going to have.


  • 3x growth

    in number of freelancers in 1 year

  • 300+

    projects per year

  • 18+ months

    of collaborating on