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Your Guide to Hiring Freelancers

Download our guide to discover how your business can now hire a global and flexible workforce with the click of a button.

Benefits of using TalentDesk

  • Get free access to top curated talent and add to your team in minutes
  • Create a searchable directory of your freelancers and internal team
  • Allocate work to the right available talent in your team, seamlessly

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  • Callie Campbell
    Callie Campbell,
    Operations Coordinator
    "It's perfect for startups, or any small or medium businesses experiencing large growth and specifically in staffing. TalentDesk will help you keep in control and scale properly!"
  • Stephen Frost
    Stephen Frost,
    Founder & Creative Director
    "I definitely recommend TalentDesk to other companies that work with international contractors. Everyone I know is paying people in messy ways: through PayPal or banks and money tends to get lost. I think it is nice to have a platform like TalentDesk focused on those details."
  • Mauricio Franco
    Mauricio Franco,
    External Partner Manager
    "TalentDesk gave us a knowledge base of all our people and their skills - and people have always been the core of our ideology."
  •  Rafael Suarez
    Rafael Suarez,
    Financial controller
    "TalentDesk takes over freelancer payments, no matter what country the freelancers are located in and no matter which currency they’re being paid in"
  • Ndy Macaulay
    Ndy Macaulay,
    People Operations Specialist
    "A platform that takes away the long hours of managing freelancers so that you can spend the time on doing more strategic tasks"