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Meet the new TalentDesk - we've rebranded!

New year, new logo.

What a year it’s been. After the many challenges we’ve faced - as businesses and individuals - we can certainly say it’s been a valuable year, with many learnings to take away. If we had to choose three words to best describe the bittersweet traits 2020 has bestowed on us, for us patience, resilience and adaptability would top the list.

At TalentDesk, we’re more committed than ever to empower businesses across the world to operate as smoothly as possible, wherever they are. Whatever the mix - freelancers, contractors and employees, and whatever the set-up - remote or distributed - our goal is to help them deliver their best work, seamlessly. Numbers never lie, and for us there is no better proof of the changing pace of work, and the need for an efficient management solution for remote teams, than the demand we’ve witnessed in the last year. We’re truly humbled to have had a whopping 65% growth in new clients, 12x growth in payment volume that we’ve handled on behalf of our clients, and have as a result been able to grow our distributed team by more than 50%, with our first hire into the US signalling a rapidly-evolving market for us.

At TalentDesk and our sister company PeoplePerHour, we’ve been proponents of this new way of working for over a decade. We strongly believe that the future of work is teams with no borders. We advocate that talent should be selected by skill versus location, and that freelancers, contractors and employees have equal importance in a business’s DNA and trajectory, and hence should be onboarded and integrated in equal measure.  

If the events of 2020 (COVID-19 aside) have taught us anything, it is that it’s time for labels to be cast aside and for us to change the way we do things. We all need to stop finding reasons to divide ourselves from each other and focus on the things that unite us. Collaboration unites us, common goals and targets unite us, a strong work ethic unites us. 

As a team at TalentDesk we felt that it was time to reflect more of the above values into our logo and brand identity. As a business, 2020 has been instrumental in helping us realise the true value we bring to our clients, and for us there’s no better reward than to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth. Just as every other business out there, we’ve had to transform the way we work into flexible and fully distributed. We’ve had to break free from the things that were confining us and through that, we learned that actually, our possibilities are endless. And last but not least, we learned that through breaking free of any rigid rules, we’ve become softer and more adaptable to fit our client needs, because that’s what we’ve set out to do.

We hope that you see this change reflected in our new logo, but we definitely hope to prove it first and foremost through our work. Our team is quickly growing and our product is evolving rapidly, just as the world is. There’s no better way to start a new year than with a bit of self-reflection, and we’re so happy that we’ve had our little brand refresh so that we can be ready to take on 2021 with a new mindset. 

Why TalentDesk? 

Here’s a video that we shot recently as part of our logo update highlighting how we can help your business transform, too.

HubSpot Video


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