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How To Write a Clear & Effective Project Brief

How To Write A Clear & Effective Project Brief

As a project manager, you may be well-versed with managing a team you work with in close proximity. But working with a remote team of freelancers is a different ballgame. Getting the best out of a remote team requires a very particular set of skills — one of which is the ability to write clear and...

Virtual Team Building Activities Your Team Will Love

Remote working has become the new normal during the Covid era, but what actually is a virtual team?  If your company works with multiple people who are all based in different locations, have different skill sets, and report to different people — but are all working towards a common goal, then...

Plus Works: Our way of redefining recruitment

When you think of starting a new recruitment search, what’s the first word that comes to mind? Long-drawn? Exhausting? A painful necessity? We’re going to go ahead and guess that ‘fun’ was not one of the words you just thought of.

TalentDesk 101: Guide to using the platform as a manager

Contents:  Introduction to TalentDesk Inviting freelancers How to invite freelancers Accessing your freelancer database & viewing profiles Finding specific individuals Viewing the freelancer profiles Finding freelancer onboarding forms Creating projects How to create a project Inviting...

How to hire and manage freelance writers

If there were any doubts about the importance of having a strong brand presence online, 2020 has dispelled them once and for all. Now, it’s not only imperative to go digital, it is also important to be unique, engaging and above all, discoverable.

The Remote Team's Guide to Working Smarter

The Remote Team's Guide to Working Smarter

Love it or hate it, you can definitely no longer ignore it — remote working is here to stay. We’re now closing in on a year since the lockdowns forced companies to go remote almost overnight — and while some teams have adapted well and have shown more productivity while working remotely, others are...

Meet the new TalentDesk - we've rebranded!

New year, new logo. What a year it’s been. After the many challenges we’ve faced - as businesses and individuals - we can certainly say it’s been a valuable year, with many learnings to take away. If we had to choose three words to best describe the bittersweet traits 2020 has bestowed on us, for...

How to Choose the Right System to Manage Your Freelance Workforce

When it comes to finding the best Freelancer Management System (FMS), it’s often difficult to know what direction to take. However, there are several factors that need to be given consideration. These will help to ensure that you choose a system which is a good fit for your organisation.

5 ways to enable success working as a virtual company

Pre-2020 the idea that so many businesses globally would operate as virtual companies, with remote and distributed teams being the norm was quite a foreign thought. However, gone are the days where employees all commute into the same central headquarters, with each and every employee clocking in...