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Case Study: How atrain GmbH built a knowledge base of their people with

Our client, atrain, is an international strategic HR consultancy with offices in 8 countries across the world, with consultants operating in 25+ countries. 

Our CTO’s insights into Remote Team Management

As the world tries to adapt to its biggest structural shift in decades, we chat to our very own CTO, Sotiris Michalakos - for whom remote working has always been the norm - for some tips and insights. Find out what it’s like to manage a remote team of freelancers and employees based out of Ukraine,...

5 Ways Freelancers Can Help You Achieve Your Business Goals

You’ve got ambitious plans for your business or division but not enough resources. You also have a clear strategy in place, you know the direction you want to head in but getting there is a frustratingly slow process. That’s a problem we often hear from directors and managers. Have you considered...

Guidelines for Creating Opportunities During a Global Crisis

It's no news that these past few months have not been the easiest. While we talk of remote working and social distancing being the new norm, we must not forget the hundreds of thousands of lives lost globally, and by no means should we consider the continuing daily death rate as a normality. 

Supporting businesses through COVID-19 is committed to helping businesses through the COVID-19 crisis. 

The Perfect Freelance Contract (& Why You Need One)

When someone mentions a contract, what is the first thing that comes to mind? If you just thought of a stuffy document full of legal jargon, you’re not alone — contracts are still largely perceived as long, complex paperwork that only lawyers can decipher. Moreover, there are a lot of negative...

IR35 Survey: 5 Things We Learnt From Freelancers & Business Owners

With April and IR35 now drawing closer, we are fast approaching a deadline that’s been at the centre of much controversy ever since it was announced.First introduced in 2000, IR35 was originally meant to crack down on those skirting around taxes and NIC payments through disguised employment....

The Freelance Phenomenon: Changing Policies Of A New Workplace

The fourth industrial revolution is here - and thanks to technological advances, we have seen a rapid evolution in the way companies work. The nature of business is constantly changing, and subsequently, the employment landscape has become much more dynamic than it used to be.