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Supporting businesses through COVID-19 is committed to helping businesses through the COVID-19 crisis. 

Today, we are announcing that will be waiving all software licensing fees up until 1st July, 2020 (normally a minimum of £500/month inclusive of the first 10 seats). Full onboarding support will be provided for all clients. The announcement comes as interest in the software increases in response to companies rushing to embrace remote working as all but key-workers are asked to work from home. 

By enabling businesses - large or small - to remotely collaborate with all their freelancers and employees, we are playing our part in helping businesses continue their work seamlessly and use resources efficiently. 

Founder & CEO of Xenios Thrasyvoulou says: “At we are committed to standing by businesses as their long term partners to do whatever we can, within our means, to help them continue working efficiently and smartly during these unprecedented times. 

We are committed to helping organisations facilitate remote working and taking care of time-consuming tasks like multiple-payments and team management so they can focus on the core functions of their business and dedicate these resources to keeping their business running smoothly.

Crises like these remind us that only by coming together can we survive big humanitarian threats. Acting together, we are stronger than one. ”

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