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Contractor compliance: All you need to know before engaging freelancers & contractors

What is Contractor Compliance & Reasons to explore a Contractor Compliance Management System

Are you looking to work with contractors and freelancers but are scared of the non-compliance risks? This guide will provide you with all the important information you need to avoid those risks and to stay compliant when working with contingent workers.

How to Manage Contractors With Just One Tool

How to Manage Contractors With Just One Tool

Are you looking for an efficient all-in-one tool to manage your contractors and freelancers? These tips will help you keep your pool of talent satisfied.

Freelance Management Systems: The Ultimate Guide

Freelance Management Systems: The Ultimate Guide

Have you been working with freelancers and contractors for a while now? Are you still tracking their progress on disorganized spreadsheets? This blog post will be your ultimate guide to learning how to navigate Freelance Management Systems.

How the Right Payment System Allows You to Attract Better Freelance Talent

How the right payment system allows you to attract better freelance talent

Having a flawless payment process in place is a fantastic way of inspiring loyalty and building a reliable talent pool. However, a good payment portal isn't just for the benefit of your freelancers. Here's why your business needs a secure payment system in place, ASAP.

Freelancer Management: Expectations vs Reality

Freelancer Management — Expectations vs. Reality

Ever failed to deliver a project because you didn't block time on your freelancer's calendar? Here's a short read on how to bridge the gap between the expectations vs. reality of working with freelancers.

Rethinking Interdepartmental Communication

Rethinking Interdepartmental Communication

Are you considering a tool that offers an 'end-to-end' solution? Here's why it's important to involve the heads of all your business departments in the decision.

Guide for Managers

TalentDesk 101: Guide to using the platform as a manager

Check out this blog for our most common freelancer FAQs and how to get started on the platform. We will be covering, as a freelancer, how to set up your account on, work on projects, raise your worksheets and expenses, payments, support and more.

The Remote Team's Guide to Working Smarter

The Remote Team's Guide to Working Smarter

Remote working took over the world in 2020. But while some companies have adapted seamlessly, others have struggled. Here are some of our top tips to work smarter whilst working remotely.

How to Choose the Right System to Manage Your Freelance Workforce

From startup to large companies, freelancers are helping to kickstart projects, fill in skills gaps and assist in company growth.